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Authentication Methods

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Below is a text-only guide for users based on the above video

What is an Authentication Method?

An Authentication Method is the mechanism that a human or machine uses to prove they are who they say they are in order to access a service. In our case we're talking about accessing secrets. Workloads and humans interact with Akeyless using various methods including the web console, browser extension, CLI, or SDKs.

There is an extensive range of plugins and integrations as well and there are a wide range of authentication methods that can be used together with role-based access controls in order to ensure clients are granted access to the specific secrets they need.

In this example, we will demonstrate creating a simple API Key.

Create an API Key via the UI

  • Choose the Auth Methods option from the left-side menu.
  • Click ‘New’ → ‘API Key’

Choose your API Key Auth Method name and click ‘Save’.

Once you have created the Auth Method, you will be shown a screen with your Access ID and Access Key. Save this information in a safe place for use.

Create an API Key via the CLI

Run the command below from the terminal:

akeyless create-auth-method -n [name]

You will be given an Access ID and Access Key on the screen. Save this information in a safe place for use.