Akeyless Password Manager

What is Akeyless Password Manager?

Along with shared team and organization Secrets, Akeyless can also be used to store, manage, generate, and share personal passwords in a simple and secure manner from within Akeyless Console as well as the CLI.

This personal password folder is only visible to you within your account and cannot be accessed by anyone else within, our outside of, the organization. You do have the ability to share specific secrets with anyone.

Generally speaking, the Password Manager is configured by an Akeyless Admin and users will utilize the Web Extension and Mobile App for connecting to their Akeyless accounts and logging into their applications.


  1. An Akeyless Account
  2. Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browser

Next Steps

In the following videos, you will learn how to:

  1. Configure the Akeyless Password Manager as an Admin
  2. Use the Akeyless Password Manager Web Extension
  3. Use the Akeyless Password Manager Mobile App