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Below is a text-only guide for users based on the above video

Install the Password Manager Mobile App

Go to your mobile phone App Store and install the Akeyless Password Manager extension.

Activate Akeyless Passwords Autofill

Log into the mobile app and you will see a screen to Activate Akeyless Autofill.

Click to "Enable Autofill" and you will be brought to your phone settings. For iOS, scroll down and click "Passwords" -> "Password Options" and then make sure "Akeyless" has a blue tick next to it to ensure it is enabled.

Generate a New Password Using the Mobile App

Browse to the website for which you want to generate a password and click on the small key icon to pull up the Akeyless Password Manager.

Then, choose the "Akeyless..." and the app will open up. You will then be brought to a screen showing any passwords you already have for that site. In this case, we have one already, but we will show how to generate one anyway.

Click the "Add New Password" button.

Then click on the password generator icon.

You will then have the password saved to be filled in, which you can use to register with as well.

Fill in a Password on a Different Mobile Application

You can easily fill in passwords for mobile applications as well. In this demo, we will use the LinkedIn app as opposed to the website.

Once in the app, click on the username field and you will again see the small key icon. Click it and choose "Akeyless..."

You will be brought into the app again and you will then see your password ready to use.

Tap on the password and the app will open up again with the username and password filled in.